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Sue Brent

Sue Brent


Sue graduated with a degree in Psychology and Sports Science, but decided she wanted to pursue something completely unrelated, settling on a training contract in Chartered Accountancy as a constructive way to spend 3 years. She passed her exams easily and many years later, she is still here, and one of our most experienced and senior staff, so it seems it may have been the right career choice after all.

With the support and encouragement of the firm she also achieved the Chartered Tax Adviser qualification, and her role in the practice has grown with her experience. As well as dealing with audit, accounts and tax, Sue provides support and supervision to the rest of the staff and keeps the office organised to ensure things run smoothly.

Outside of work, when they have time off from bringing up their young son, Sue and her husband devote quite a lot of time to DIY projects on their home, and like to indulge his passion for older cars. She loves to drive her old Mini, but she hastens to note that cannot claim the credit for the upkeep.